Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jean Vinícius Moreira

Well...The last post in this blog was one of the most thrilling I've ever seen.
Almost all of Norah's music has an specific meaning in my life, because her songs are always so romantic and when I came to know Norah my love life was so crazy that I was feeling like a cloud across the sun.

And her music has helped me to get better, every single song talked to me, and day by day my life was getting better.
The girl whom I used to love is far from me now...I could try all over again, but...

And in my walk to get better, Orkut friends always helped me...They were always on there to bring me up...And to tell me the right words at the right time.
And I also thank Norah music 'cause the lyrics are such anyone can relate to...
Now...Thinking About You is a song that I almost cry every time I listen to...But I'll go on
Thanks for all those who helped me and Thanks NORAH JONES for the most beautiful songs!!!

Jean Vinícius Moreira
Terra Dos Buques

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