Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Norah Jones...
Well, as far as I can remember, I saw her music video of "Sunrise" on TV..
The girl looked to me somewhat Indian, singing so beautifully.. The video was so cute and the music was fabulous, a voice so hazy and so magical..
I went on internet and searched for her songs..
And today, I'm a true Norah fan.. Not because I do crazy stuff like collecting her posters, or keeping a check on her style, remaining up to date with her shows, but because I feel her music and really appreciate and respect it.. That's what fan following means to me.
I am an aspiring singer and I love humming her tunes.. I cannot forget when my music teacher, (who is a fabulous musician) told me that I got a hazy voice like Norah and her songs suit me... I was like blown away and was so overwhelmed, nearly feeling on cloud nine.. It was a bit hard to digest this thing.
Norah Jones, I find her truly committed to music. She never runds for publicity, but it's her music that makes her so approachable. I think she is fairly worth those Grammys...Come Away With me, Don't know Why, Nightingale, and the latest one like Thinking about you... All have a different taste and feel... but collectively, they create that NORAH EFFECT which is totally unmatched!
Norah Jones, WE LOVE YOU!!!



Até said...

Isn't she in Calcutta right just now?

saptarshi said...

She is. And the horrible part is I did not get a pass. Am going to try and catch a glimpse of her in front of Calcutta Club. :(

Até said...

Tough luck-