Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Well... I used to listen to Elton John only, but that's changed.
Some years ago there was a soap-opera in which they had two of Norah's soundtrack : Don't Know Why and Come Away With Me. By that time Norah was alway in the radios here in Brazil. But when the soap-opera finished the radios almost stopped playing her music.

Some months ago I heard Toes in the radio...I loved it. On the same day I went to the CD store in my city and bought the first album: Come Away With Me. Some days after I bought the Feels Like Home CD. I could never think that Norah could have some more beautiful songs, because, as I said, I knew Come Away With Me and Don't Know Why only, after listening to the albums lots of times I was just not able to choose the song I preferred because I loved all of them...
Now I'm waiting for the new album, Not Too Late....What more surprises will it bring to me???

Jean Vinícius Moreira
Terra Dos Buques


Anonymous said...

am happy to see some posts coming out here.

Patricia Van Duyne said...

I worked with Jesse Harris in the nineties.