Thursday, February 22, 2007

What am I to you...tell me darling true
To me you are the sea...vast as you can be
Deep the shade of Blue...

Before you start thinking that this blog looks rather empty I'd beg to say that it's up to you to fill it up. Yes. This blog plans to provide a platform to all those who love Norah Jones.

Let us make this a place where we will have real life stories that in some ways involve Norah and her music. Tell me how you got to listen to hear her for the first time. Was it on your car radio, when you were driving back home? Or was it at a friend's place or a hotel lobby? Write in simple,lucid English your story in as much detail as you want. Make it crisp and interesting.

Tell us any crazy stuff you have done for Norah. Or you could just write about how one of her songs make you feel. What it reminds you of. Let's make this work people. It is going to be so much fun.

Also send me all infos that you can about her. I will put it up here along with the name of the sender. Send links to her pictures so that I can add them to the album. Send links to her videos news articles,reviews...everything that you might like to share.

Send in all your writings and stuff to


Sudatta Mukherjee said...

hey gr8 job buddy!

saptarshi said...

@ Sudatta Mukherjee: But i am very disappointed.I worked all night to set this blog up.But no one has sent me any writing so far. :(

Sonia Malik said...

hey am here the way am Zara of Orkut...ok?

saptarshi said...

@ Sonia Malik : Send me the writings then.Do. :(
I am waiting for you guys.

Yuva said...

dude... this is gr8.. one site for norah jones..

couple of suggestion.. you can post/keep updating about her latest tour or concert details.. ,
her interviews videos, ..

and if you sort videos by album would be great.

keep up.. thanks,

saptarshi said...

@ Yuva: Thank you so much for the suggestions.

1)I was planning to sort the videos into the following categories:
i)album videos
ii)live in concerts

2)Tour details can be posted.I will try to.

But friend,will you please send in the writings that i badly need?

Mrunalini said...

Hii Saptarishi,
This is truely a WONDERFUL BLOG** and i mean every word of it.Before visiting ur blog All I knew abt her is dat She's a Grammy award winner but I never heard her songs before..It is through ur blog i heard her i'm a fan of hers like u(but i may be not a big fan like u!!)I also want to tell u that Your blog is really very INTERESTING for it contained A-Z information abt her.Ur blog is much better than dat Orkut..Plz don't dump this blog.Lastly i want to tell u that u've a very good taste..And this blog is an example of ur gr8 taste!!

saptarshi said...

@ Mrunalini: Well thanks a lot. But you must realise that this blog is not MINE. It is for all of 'us...anyone who loves Norah Jones.

This blog is not for Norah Jones fans.But for those who LOVE norah jones and her music.

So please write as much as you can and send them to me.